I knew when I moved here that I had made the best move, I still feel the same way!

Agnes Gilbert

One of the smartest moves in my life was to move into Evergreen Senior Living. There is no way you can be lonely. You have a whole new family and the possibility of things to do are many. My special activity to be part of is the "Joy Givers" knit and crochet ladies. Have always crocheted and once again gives me the opportunity to feel useful in giving items to those in need.

Donna Fredericks

Yes, I enjoy living at Evergreen!

Eleanor Bower

New ownership is taking over Mosaic Evergreen Senior Living without a fuss.

Let me tell you this place is for folks like us.

Some of us have almost reached the century mark do tell,

but we are all up and "attem", and doing very well.

We love the pleasant apartments and lovely decore.

There's food to eat, papers to read and friends galore.

We get taken on trips, to the clinic and even shopping,

the many activities keep us hopping.

There's music, singing, dancing, cards and lots of games.

No two days are ever the same.

And, we really appreciate our competent staff,

no dusting or vacuuming makes us laugh!

We don't shovel snow or mow the grass.

Someone even disposes of our trash.

And so to Evegreen we give out cheers,

cause its one big party in our Golden Years.

We look to Evergreen with a lot of pride,

Cause it's such a wonderful place to reside.

So a great big welcome from the Evergreen gang on your new endeavor.

We look forward to your serving us forever and ever.