Faith Home Assisted Living is designed to provide a sense of support, structure and security for the tenants and their families.

What makes Faith Home Assisted Living special?

As much as possible the operational goal of Faith Home Assisted Living is to duplicate the look and feel of a home. The facility has 14 apartments and each apartment includes a separate bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen includes a full set of cabinets, full size refrigerator healthy diet and a microwave. Our 2 bedroom apartments also have a stove. We have a communal living room and dining room.

Who is appropriate to live at Faith Home Assisted Living?

Faith Home Assisted Living is appropriate for most seniors who require some assistance. This determination will be made by a comprehensive assessment of the individual's needs. The assessment will be made by faculty staff in conjunction with the family of the tenant.

How does it work?

Faith Home Assisted Living places emphasis on maximizing each individual's level of functioning while assisting where needed. Each tenant will be encouraged to participate to the extent they are able.


Faith Home Assisted Living utilizes a staffing concept entitled the Universal Worker. Depending on the tenants' care needs, the Universal Worker is responsible for assisting each tenant, as necessary with activities of daily living and providing housekeeping, laundry and other cares as needed.