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We welcome you to Evergreen Independent Living. Faith Lutheran Home and it's Board of Directors and Senior Living Associates are responsible for the comfort of your living experience at Evergreen. You are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of the apartment you have rented - it is your home! It is up to you and your neighbors to create the kind of community in which you want to live and which you can be proud.

Evergreen has several types of apartments: 1 bedroom; 1 bedroom with a den; 2 bedroom. There are garages for rent as well.



Services - Monthly Activities

Evergreen residents enjoy a variety of monthly activities:

  • Cribbage
  • Crafts
  • Group Excercise
  • Wine at Five


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Picnic :- Picnic in April at the Mitchell County Conservation Center

Fishing at Halvorson Park!

Fishing at Halvorson Park!

Fishing at Halvorson Park!


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