Evergreen Independent Living

We welcome you to Evergreen Independent Living. Faith Lutheran Home and it's Board of Directors and Senior Living Associates are responsible for the comfort of your living experience at Evergreen. You are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of the apartment you have rented - it is your home! It is up to you and your neighbors to create the kind of community in which you want to live and which you can be proud.

Evergreen has several types of apartments: 1 bedroom; 1 bedroom with a den; 2 bedroom. There are garages for rent as well. These apartments may be rented by one or two adults, ages 55 and older.

Each apartment has it own temperature controls for heating and air conditioning to ensure your personal comfort. Each apartment is equiped with standard appliances and window coverings. The common areas of the building also have dishwashers, microwaves, washers and dryers. Trash pick up and recycling of everyday disposables is provided, along with housekeeping. Evergreen is equiped with front entry security doors, and an elevator for second floor living. Evergreen noon meals are provided by Faith Lutheran Home.

Each apartment will be rented with standard neutral paint and flooring. With written permission by managemet in advance, you may change the decor of your apartment. No permanent alterations shall be made and if requested by mangement areas may be restored to original condition when vacating the unit.

In addition to closet space in your apartment, each unit is provided with a designated storage areas elsewhere in the building. If you have a garage, depending upon the size of your vehicle, you may have limited additional storage in front of your car.

Evergreen is also equipped with a Commons Room for special occasions by reservation.

To set up a tour, or to acquire more information, contact Donna Hanson at 641-732-3300. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Walk-ins welcome!